top 100 world music albums

Time Magazine posted a while ago a list with the 100 best rock- and pop-albums of all time.

Fine. But the list consisted only albums in the english language, consequently excluding a whole world of contemporary music.

It’s like posting a list of classical music and excluding german, russian and austrian composers, and thereby not having Beethoven, Mozart, Stravinsky, Bach, etc. on a list of the all-time best composers! You would not take such a list seriously.

The Time magazine list included only albums with american and english artists (with the exception of a couple of canadians and Bob Marley…) – and this is a list who only has a commercial value. There’s so many good albums from the rest of the world which easily could be considered better albums – and this list includes some of these.

This list is my subjective list of non-english speaking artists – with fantastic music that I hope you’ll explore.

I’m looking forward to get recommendations of artists that I’ve missed – my goal is simply to share my knowledge and expand it at the same time.

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